There are a LOT of potentially really good films to pick from this week and then are a few others that I know I’ll be passing on. I personally recommend Tropic Thunder. Unlike, PIneapple Express it’s not a requirment to be stoned, merely a suggestion. If you want a sexy, interesting, indie flick, you’ve got Vicky Cristina Barcelona or The Girl Cut in Two. Both have pretty ladies, weird sex and insane love. Henry Poole Is Here looks like it may be great as long as it doesn’t get too preachy. All the teens on summer break who might FINALLY be starting to get over Dark Knight will enjoy Mirrors, a good creepy horror film. As for, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, I couldn’t even make it through the trailer. I just never caught that bug. I think is you’re going for animation, go for Fly Me to the Moon 3. It is a bit off they’re both opening the same weekend, no?

So there they are! This week’s movie releases with showtimes and tickets, reviews, cast and crew info, and of course, TRAILERS! Also, check out our Tropic Thunder red carpet coverage.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Trailer:

Tropic Thunder Trailer:

Mirrors Trailer:

Vicky Cristina Barcelona Trailer:

The Girl Cut in Two Trailer:

Henry Poole Is Here Trailer:

Fly Me to the Moon 3D Trailer: