• Angelina Jolie will replace…Tom Cruise? That’s right. After Cruise went back and forth on whether or not to star in the new espionage thriller called Edwin A. Salt, Jolie decided she wanted the role and everything seemed to be put together within a matter of minutes. Although I just don’t quite get the swap. I guess they’re both brunette?

  • New pictures of Jake Gyllenhaal from her new film Prince of Persia (for the ladies)…As well as shots of the new Max Payne and The Day the Earth Stood Still.
  • Tropic Thunder drinking games! Apparently you take a drink when someone fires a gun, something is offensive, Jeff Portnoy talks about or takes drugs, Alpa Chino takes issue with Kirk Lazarus, and there are many more. If you do this you will not be able to walk, let alone drive out of the theater.
  • Billy Bob Thornton on Elm Street? Apparently it has been mentioned that Thornton may play the monster in the new Nightmare on Elm Street remake. Most likely it’s a complete rumor, there is nothing to back it up, but I think that would be awesome!

Photo by IMDB