I’m fresh from Comic Con and ready to tackle news that’s geeky in a different but related way:

  • An article in the LA Times explores the burgeoning economy of web-based entertainment in the form of little girls with dirty mouths and French Maids with light sabers. The actors don’t have contracts, the writers don’t have agents, I don’t have the attention span to read this feature. But check out the pictures
  • The Dark Knight cast a looming shadow over the box office again this weekend – although The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor won the battle overseas. As if we needed further proof that Americans had better taste than the rest of the world
  • With Dark Knight, Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk all making bank this summer, Sony has decided to continue forward with a Spider Man spinoff centered around the villain Venom, who was played by Topher Grace in the Spider Man 3. After the wholly disappointing third installment of that franchise, I’m not really sure it’s a great idea. But they didn’t ask me.

  • After paying $894 million for the broadcasting rights to the 2008 Summer Olympics, NBC will finally start its coverage on Monday, though the actual games don’t begin until Friday. The Olympics has lost a little bit of luster for me ever since the male swimmers started wearing those Fastskin suits. Not because of ethical concerns, I just don’t think they’re very hot.
  • If you get tired of watching the synchronized swimming because there just aren’t enough girls in the pool, head over the the Hammer Museum where they are showing a retrospective of Busby Berekley’s dance-sequence heavy films this week. As LATimes film critic Kenneth Turan points out, “No one had seen anything like this before Berkeley thought it up, and no one has seen anything like it since.” Except for that scene in Jackass 2. I guess KT forgot about that.
  • I read this Hollywood Reporter headline: “Thomas Jane tapped for ‘Hung’ lead,” realized it was about a TV series and thought “Well, that series can’t possibly be about what my filthy mind thinks it is,” read a little bit further and found out that it is, indeed, about what my filthy mind thinks it is. I think this means I have to get HBO…

Stay tuned next week for more exploits in movie geekdom…