All you comic book fans, fantasy films buffs, cartoon junkies, video game addicts, and collectible zealots, it’s your time to shine. Screw the Oscars. Forget about Cannes. If you’re a Fanboy this is where the real films, stars, and entertainment is. Starting today July 24th and running until this Sunday July 27th at the San Diego Convention Center, 125,000 fans will come to celebrate the greatest place on earth, Comic-Con.

Hall H has tons of film stars promoting and screening their upcoming films. They will be screening films such as Pineapple Express, Tropic Thunder, The Mutant Chronicles, and many, many more. If films aren’t your thing, they’ve got video game halls, anime sections, and plenty of collectible booths of all types. There are entire wings set up for autograph signings ranging from Dean Koontz and Tori Amos to Matt Groening and Simon Pegg. Or check out Artist Alley for a list of countless amazing artists who will be in attendance.

Not to mention the countless number of booths, people dressed up as their favorite comic book character, and much, much more. Trust me, to do it right, you’ll need all four days.

And don’t worry, there will be plenty of wireless stations EVERYWHERE.

Links for more information on events mentioned: