Paris, I love you! No, I’m not talking about “That’s hot!” Paris, I’m talking about that city that serves le crepe, established romantic film, gave rise to amazing opera houses, AND it promotes universal health care, haaaaaaaay! And after you watch the 2006 indie film, Paris, JE T’AiME, you will love Paris, too!

This film is a must-see for everyone. That’s right, this one’s for all of the lovers, bitter folks, and swingers young and not so young in the house! Paris, JE T’AiME showcases the talents of over twenty directors from all over the world in a collection of short films that explore unique facets of love.

This is not your average French love flick, this is a depiction of the limitless comedic, heartbreaking, maddening, disappointing, and ridiculous elements of love. Love between a father and daughter, love between a nanny and a baby, love across ethnoracial lines, and the classic boy meets girl love.

My personal favorite of the eighteen shorts is the hilarious short film by Ethan and Joel Cohen titled Tuileries. This dynamic duo knows how to make flawless films. Every single frame is manipulated with the Cohen Brother team touch. Other short films in Paris, JE T’AiME boast A-list acting talent such as the beautiful Natalie Portman and everybody’s favorite hobbit, Elijah Wood while simultaneously uncovering some hidden gems of the director and thespian populations.

*Check out the trailer here!