The contestants are…

Catwoman: She’s already proved to be a success once (no I am not talking about the Halle Berry version), but will Nolan follow in Burton’s tracks again and re-create this already sexy lady?

The Riddler: One of the more well known Batman villains, he normally comes as a #2 to the Joker. I’m sure Nolan’s version would be quite different from the Schumacher’s version in which Jim Carrey danced around in a spandex.

Bane: One of the lesser known villain’s who is known as “The Man Who Broke the Bat.” This villain is addicted to the drug Venom and which Nolan may have something interesting to say about since he seems to like to find parallels to societal problems.

The Black Mask: Could Bruce Wayne use a little of his own medicine? This villain has a similar background to Bruce Wayne, he has money, started a company, wears masks, and likes black. Could make for some interesting mirroring and add yet another dark shade to Nolan’s Gotham

Hush: Personally this plot reminds me a bit too much of Spiderman, although of course there is a twist. One of Bruce’s childhood friends, wishes that he could have been an orphan like Wayne (already there has got to be something wrong with this) and he later tried to kill Batman after he discovers it’s Wayne. This one seems rather weak to me.

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