terminator 4Are you ready for the most amazing day of the year? It has started! It is happening right now. As I type. The biggest day of movie news on this website is today. If you are reading this, you are in luck. Yes. That’s right. It’s my birthday… and the editors have a gun to my head. So what if it’s a squirt gun? You don’t know how I react to water. Have you seen Gremlins? Yeah, that movie was inspired by me. Oh, now you’re running?

  • As I mentioned before, you will get a Terminator: Salvation teaser with The Dark Knight. If you can’t wait and need to see it now in HD, go over here and watch it. Christian Bales stars as Christian Bale, acting like Christian Bale.

  • Want to know about what I thought of Dark Knight? Not yet…
  • So not only is Tarantino looking to get Brad Pitt for his WWII epic, Inglorious Bastards, but he was Leo DiCaprio as well. Rumors are he also wants Stallone, Willis, Schwarzenegger, Sandler, Keitel, Travolta, and Madsen to be in it. How would you feel about that odd mix?
  • Check out the pretty AWESOME teaser trailer for Watchmen, from director Zack Snyder (300)
  • Will Ferrell is now officially in 1,037 movies coming out next year. He is now set to start in Two Face. No, not the villain from Batman. It’s about a racist who develops a split personality after a prank goes wrong. Yawn.
  • We all know Zach Braff is off of Scrubs after this upcoming season, but producers are unsure if the show will stop. When Bill Lawrence was asked about the end of Scrubs, he replied, “You can’t kill this show.” No. But I guess you can keep it on life support and feed it through a tube.
  • “Hey, Iron Man was such a success that we should get a new writer!” “Yeah! Let’s see…. so many… How about the guy that wrote Tropic Thunder?” “Yea! You want to go over there and smash are heads into the wall a few times? I am feeling a bit smart today and I don’t like it.” “Sure! Let’s go!”
  • Alright, alright. You didn’t pressure me at all but I feel it. How was The Dark Knight? Let’s just say I waited in line from 10 a.m. to get at a 7:00 p.m. secret showing. Was waiting for 9 hours worth it? Every second. You MUST see it in IMAX. Or else you are cheating yourself of complete awesome. Tell me what you think if you go see it.

That is it. These silly editors bought a crappy water gun so little drips of come out the front as it is against my head. I now have a bunch of odd (yes, more than me) versions and evil versions of myself running around. One has killed the editors… so I guess I am free to spend my birthday doing whatever I want now. Cool. I think I’ll go swimming.