iron manExcited to hear from me so soon? Need to get your fix? You jonesing for some Jon’s…ing? That makes no sense. Damnit. Let’s start over. Hello my little pooper doodles! Eh… Pooper doodles? What the hell is a pooper doodle? I really am having trouble today… and every other day. Maybe I should just tell you what the hell is going on. Yeah? Okay then.

  • I told you about Apatow producing a Will Ferrell/Sacha Baron Cohen Sherlock Holmes movie, yes? Well someone else is also doing a Sherlock Holmes movie. Yes,the one and only Guy Ritchie (Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch) is doing his own Holmes movie. But who will be the star of this movie? How about Robert Downey Jr.? Okay. I can deal with that. This is his first role after and I believe they will be letting Sherlock kick some bad guy butt. Let’s get physical.. physical… I wanna get phy- Sorry. What is it with studios trying to rival each other by putting out two movies based on the same subject?

  • Deadline Hollywood is reporting that Jon Favreau has finally reached a deal with Marvel to direct Iron Man 2. Everyone thought it was obvious he would do the sequel, but not in recent months. Rumors by people close to the project and Favreau himself have been saying otherwise. It all came down to money. They weren’t offering him enough money so Favreau basically said that he might not do the movie. Simple as that. Guess what changed his mind? That’s right. OH! I could drop a lame Swingers reference here! You’re so… no. Enough shame has come upon me in this article.
  • Remember that show called Heroes? Well, it’s coming back soon for it’s third season. UK site Digital Spy has a sneak peak at what happens in the third season. I have not even clicked the link because I believe spoilers exist there. Click me if you dare!
  • It is now being rumored that there WILL be a Harry Potter teaser in front of the IMAX Dark Knight. But only 15 seconds? Don’t get your hopes up. It might be just to tell you that it is coming to IMAX in November. Tres lame.
  • You like you some Scrubs? Well since you should already know that it got renewed for one LAST season on a different network, you should know this as well. Courtney Cox has been cast to play a part on the hit show for a three episode arc. Check out the article here if you want to know what position she is stealing.
  • Heard about Tarantino’s new project, Inglorious Bastards? That WWII epic he has been writing for what seems like a decade or seven? Well it’s finally in motion and a bunch of script reviews are already online. Seems to me that they think it is nothing short of a “Masterpiece.” Rumors say he is courting Brad Pitt to be in it. We shall see…
  • Speaking of Goldie Hawn, the Tarantino produced Hell Ride redband trailer is out. You really should give it a watch.
  • The Hollywood Reporter hints that the less than incredible performance of the new Hulk film may not spawn a sequel. Doesn’t really phase me. Moving on.
  • An international trailer for the video game adaptation Max Payne is up now. Go check it out before it gets taken down. The film stars Mark Wahlberg.
  • Want to see the first look at little Ace in Ace Ventura 3? I don’t. It’s a shame they did this to every classic retarded Jim Carrey movie.
  • The cast of The Dark Knight have teased us all with a third Batman film. Tease all you want, baby. Tease all you want. Just don’t give me bat balls. Ew. Too much?

Okay. I need to end it when I start making sexual references with movies. Not my style but I also don’t edit what I write. That’s why you see “Pooper doodle” up at the top… and now you see it at the bottom of this post as well. This is one giant pooper doodle sandwich! Mmmmm. Enjoy your Thursday… unless you are in line to buy an iPhone right now. Then I will say “Enjoy your Friday as you read this from your new iPhone.” Soon I shall get rid of my crappy LG Chocolate. Never ever get that phone. Ever. Pooper doodle.