juddapatow08-07-07A little slow this week as we call know how Hollywood takes 3 day weekends and stretches them into 8 day weekend. But here it goes:

  • In a flurry of last-minute negotiations, NBC Universal made a deal with Landmark to purchase The Weather Channel for just over $3 billion. I wonder if this means we’ll get to see Jack Donaghey analyze the storm tracker. At least once, right? Please?
  • Despite lukewarm reviews, Will Smith and Hancock had a huge opening weekend over the holiday bringing in $66 million ove 3 days. I wish I could have got $66 million for being drunk over July 4th…
  • The Hollywood Reporter tells me that Senator nabs ‘Public Enemy’ rights. Believe it or not, this headline has nothing to do with Congress, Miranda rights, Chuck D or the next Flavor of Love.
  • Sascha Baron Cohen and Will Ferrell are in talks to play Sherlock Holmes and Watson, respectively in a new film from producer Judd Apatow.

  • As of Monday, Hollywood waits with (somewhat) bated breath for the results of the AFTRA contract vote which could have effects that ripple across the guilded pond to SAG negotiations meaning anything from a strike to a lockout to nothing at all. I can only imagine with what dramatic flourish actors send in their ballots.
  • Though it’s been going back & forth for a while, TV ratings for tennis are now decidedly down. Could this have anything to do with Anna Kournikova being semi-retired? I’m going to have to guess yes.

That’s really all the news I can stand to analyze for now. Try not to lock yourself out tonight.