darkknightjokerposterYes yes… it is July. In just a couple of weeks, the highly anticipated Dark Knight comes and gives us a big moviegasm. So I am going to go ahead and give July 2008 the title of “Month of the Bat.” I know what some of you fear… “What if it stinks, Jon?” “Sucks to your ass-mar” is what I respond with. I believe that this movie is going to be the comic book movie of comic book movies. Such a bold statement, I know… but just you wait. On to a few things to keep you going through the weekend…

  • Since this is BatMonth, let’s start with some Batman news. As you can see, a new Dark Knight poster with the Joker’s marks on it has been released. Pretty cool. Let’s just say that the viral marketing of this movie has gone above and beyond any other movie. It’s insane.
  • A new extended trailer for the new movie has been released through Domino’s. Very cool. Check it out if you watch trailers. I know a few who refuse to watch/hear/read anything about the new Batman movie.

  • Close your eyes and skip this bullet if you don’t want to know how Christian Bale feels about Robin in the third Batman movie. He is COMPLETELY against it. He told Starpulse this: “If Robin crops up in one of the new Batman films, I’ll be chaining myself up somewhere and refusing to go to work.” This goes against rumors that surfaced recently saying that Robin would be introduced in the third movie.
  • Peter Sciretta over at slashfilm.com has seen the movie and posted up “10 Reasons Why I Loved The Dark Knight“. It is spoiler-free and gets you even more excited than you should be.
  • How about some Superman? Well, even though the studio/director/star of the recent Superman Returns says that the sequel is moving forward… Mark Miller (Creator of Wanted) says otherwise. He claims that he is working on a revamp of the Superman franchise and has a “big American action director” attached. He claims this mysterious director has big pull at WB and that an announcement will be made in December if all goes well. Well, we will see if we get a reboot or a sequel to Superman Returns. I personally would like a sequel to Superman Returns that has Supes kicking major ass. But that’s just me. How about you?
  • The people behind the Hellboy II marketing are quite awesome. Check out this T.V. spot and this one with Hellboy on Inside the Actor’s Studio. Priceless. He also makes spots with Ghost Hunters, Chuck (Pt.1, Pt. 2), and American Gladiators. Don’t forget to watch him pet the kitty in this PSA. Very cool.
  • It’s about time for a new movie on Sherlock Holmes, no? Hmm… maybe we should make it funny, but on purpose this time. Let’s cast…say… Sacha Baron Cohen as Holmes. Yeah! Who should we get to play Watson? Well, someone that can be good with Cohen on screen. Hmm… OH! He kissed Will Ferrell in Talladega Nights. Yeah. He should play Watson! Now we need a producer with a good track record to – Judd Apatow! Alright. GO!
  • As we all know (me and some others that know), Brett Ratner is making the fourth installment of Beverly Hills Cop. Yes, Eddie Murphy will be back trying to keep his career alive. Fans…err… people that cared were crying out after Ratner commented that it would be geared more towards kids that did not know about Beverly Hills Cop. A PG BHC? Outrage! But recently, Ratner said it would be a “hardcore R”. Hmm. Well, we will see… if anyone shows up to see it. If Judge Reinhold isn’t in it, count me out.
  • After success with Sex and the City and the recent announcement that we get an Arrested Development movie, it looks like we will be getting a Friends movie. Let me guess… Phoebe will be the cause of every problem. Watch how right I am.
  • One more thing to leave you with until you become that guy (or girl) at your cousin Harold’s 4th of July party. I give to you the trailer for the upcoming remake of the Matri… err… I mean The Day the Earth Stood Still.

Okay. That’s it for now. Two posts in one week. I’m getting too old for this stuff. I am going to retire once they start paying me. Then what will you do? Search the internet like I do, looking for all sorts of geeky movie things? Hmmm? Oh, you will? Okay. Works for me. Happy 4th of July… or 5th…. or 6th. Or whatever day it is that you are reading this.