hancock08-07-03Well, technically Hancock cheated. You could buy tickets and see the film July 1st. This will be Will Smith’s FIFTH 4th of July opening weekend (week) In 1997 Men in Black opened to $51.1 million, in 1999, Wild Wild West opened to $27.7, Men in Black II opened to $52.1 and finally Independence day opened to $50.2. Now with SEVEN days to let the numbers add up, we’ll see what kind of ridiculous total he can rack up. If you’re in the mood to see a good film, we got plenty of those for you. The Wackness made huge waves at the LA Film Festival and looks like it’s sure to get you laughing. Kabluey is supposed to be one of the best dark comedies of the year. I’ll let you be the judge. Then we have Diminished Capacity (aka Little Miss Sun Sunshine with a different cast and a mission to exchange an amazing basketball card) which looks like it should be enjoyable. Hell, I’m a sucker for great casts, bonding, and some laughs.

So here it is. Your list for films opening this week with times and ticket, cast and crew information, reviews, and trailers. Enjoy!