Hello little darlings… and big darlings. Darlings of all sizes are welcome here! Enough of darlings… let’s get to what’s going on.

  • Let’s start with some Office news. Steve Carell has signed on for three more years of the American version of the show. Also, Amy Ryan (the blonde that replaced Toby in the last episode) is said to be on for about five episodes next season. In spinoff news, it has been revealed that Aziz Ansari (Human Giant, Flight of the Conchords) has joined the new cast. The new show will begind airing after the Super Bowl.
  • Hey, want to see the new kick ass James Bond trailer? Click HERE now… before they take it down!
  • New Punisher War Zone posters can be seen here. Not sure how I feel about the movie. I did enjoy Thomas Jane as The Punisher… we’ll see.

  • If you haven’t heard… Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg (Superbad) are set to write the new Green Hornet movie, with Rogen starring. Comingsoon.net sat down and talked to them. Read the interview here.
  • Want to hear one of those bits of news where you think to yourself, “WTF?”… here goes: A sequel/spinoff/prequel is being planned to the hit 300. Yup. That’s what making a lot of money will do for you. It is unsure which of the three it will be, although I could use some more Leonidas. Frank Millar is reportedly writing a story in which Zack Snyder seems very interested to direct. I’ll keep you posted with it.
  • If you did not already know, the Transformers sequel is titled Revenge of the Fallen. Awesome. I don’t even need to see it now. I know what’s already going to happen. Thanks Michael. Saved me $10.
  • Terminator Salvation has a new cast member. Helena Bonhom Carter is said to have a “small but pivotal role” in the film, being directed by McG. I’m still iffy on this movie. But the cast seems good so far… Christian Bale, don’t let me down.
  • Speaking of Bale, I have links to a bunch of reviews of films that are coming out soon. Tread carefully… Some are spoilerish. Read at your own risk if you cannot wait until they come out. Here are some Dark Knight reviews, some Hancock reviews, Mamma Mia, and The Mummy 3.
  • Hulk director, Louis Leterrier is set to direct Clash of the Titans for Warner Bros.
  • Speaking of Hulk, Leterrier commented on whether or not the Hulk would be in the Avengers movie. Hehad this to say to MTV: “I would love to see [the Hulk become the villain that fights the Avengers] because I think the best villains are always the ones whose agenda you understand,” he told MTV Movies Blog. “They’re not synthetic to us in a way; they’re not these one dimensional bad guys.” Hmmm… Hulk as the villain in the movie. Interesting idea to bring together the team…

Well, that’s it. Hope everyone had a great weekend and are ready to survive another week doing whatever it is they do. As for me, I’m off to Disneyland to be tortured. Yay! If you haven’t seen Wall-E or Wanted, do so as soon as possible. Two fun films to watch before we get pummeled by more and more crap this summer. Enjoy your Monday!