Wall-Epic08-06-27Well, it’s another big summer weekend with two VERY different films going head to head. WALL-E an animation about a curious robot and Wanted about a young man (played by James McAvoy) being recruited by a group of insane, bad-ass assassins. Although the odd part it, WALL-E actually has a number of deeper, apocalyptic issues that it deals with and Wanted is more of a fantasy film for adults. For those of you looking for something a bit different you have Gunning for that #1 Spot, which is a story about a kid on his way to becoming the number one basketball player and the challenges he faces in just being an everyday kid. Or you have Finding Amanda, with Matthew Broderick, which is a story about an addict and a hooker both being forced into rehab. Sounds like fun!

So here they your! This weekend’s new releases with cast and crew information, reviews, showtimes and tickets! Enjoy!