getsmart08-06-20Secret identities, Hi-tech gadgetry, Double agents, and above all else, Slapstick comedy. While not a complete remake of the late 1960’s series, the new film Get Smart has all the ingredients of what made the original TV show a hit. And then some.

The Top secret government agency CONTROL has been compromised by their elusive evil enemies KAOS, this as you can imagine leads to big trouble. The cast lists reads as follows. The always impressive Alan Arkin plays CONTROL’S chief, and Steve Carell is the bumbling but likable agent 86 also known as Maxwell Smart. Dwayne Johnson is the supersmooth 23 , and Anne Hathaway takes on the beautiful mantle of Agent 99. Can this team stop total world domination led by KAOS Uber baddy Terence Stamp, or will the world end with a boom of Yellowcake uranium? There’s only way way to find out, hit your local theaters.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when the trailer for this film first popped up. Happily though, after my viewing experience I can honestly say that Get Smart adds to this summer’s ongoing trend of having good old fashioned fun at the movies. If you’re a fan of the show you won’t be disappointed, and for those of you who have never seen an episode this is a great introduction. The movie sticks to an easy plotline, reintroduces you to some old friends, and even beefs up the character personalities to make them well suited for modern day espionage. With hilarious slapstick moments, sight gags, and equally impressive action scenes, the film is well on it’s way to spawning a sequel. Which I’m sure will be entitled, Get Smarter.

There’s a great array of talent here both comedic and non, but its clear that Carell and Hathaway are the ones at the forefront. Carell wisely chooses not to copycat Don Adams original agent Smart but instead makes it his own, thus providing the audience with what is his best performance to date. Hathaway is fun to watch and well cast as 99. She will undoubtedly appeal to the larger male demographic; something that her handlers have been trying to figure out how to do for her, since mostly she is only know for roles in Chic flicks and Period pieces.

I’m usually opposed to the rash of ho-hum remakes being thrown at us in the cineplex, but Get Smart is a welcome relief. Director Peter Segal gives us an extremely comical yet thrilling ride into the world of spying, while not straying too far from the original series. So leave all those distracting shoe phone’s and satellite powered watch gigercounters at home, because this flick promises to keep you laughing from start to finish.

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