johnnydepptn08-06-17.jpg“There was only one road back to L.A. – U.S. Interstate 15. Just a flat-out high speed burn through Baker and Barstow and Berdoo. Then onto the Hollywood Freeway, and straight on into frantic oblivion. Safety. Obscurity. Just another freak, in the freak kingdom. ” – Raoul Duke

Need respite from summer boredom in this said freak kingdom?

Well, it’s 1,000 degrees outside, Hilary conceded, and pulling a cross-country road trip with the homies is not an option because of gas prices…

Rent a video! Terry Gilliam’s classic Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas will take you and your roomies on the best trip of your life (and you don’t even have to leave your room or buy shrooms from that shady guy next door). Based on Hunter S. Thompson’s disturbingly amazing novel, this film has been on the avant-garde radar since before Kobe was MVP status.

Let me tell you straight up, you need to watch this film because:

  • It’s an audiovisual masterpiece. Stoned or sober, every scene recklessly assaults your senses. Innovative camera angles, the sickest songs of the 1960s, and the vibrancy of the Las Vegas strip are captured and conveyed in a way that most films will never dare to (except for Gilliam’s Brazil, and that film is so weird that you don’t even know what I’m talking about).
  • The acting. Johnny Depp leads a cast of idiosyncratic characters who you will never forget. Gilliam takes Thompson’s perception of the American Dream and makes you laugh at yourself for ever thinking the American flag was cool. I’m not going to get all into the history of Thompson’s involvement in politics, but this guy knew his shit and he had a great sense of humor. Watch this film to meet caricatures that have captivated the interests of junkies and elitists for decades.
  • The crazy plot. It’s about a journalist and a lawyer who drive to Vegas in a car full of drugs. When they get to the city of sin, they encounter a series of the most uncomfortable situations, ever.
  • The script. This movie will teach you all sorts of cool things to say in case you get pulled over for a DUI, don’t know what to say on a date, etc.

I would suggest you read Hunter S. Thompson’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas: A Savage Journey to the Heart of the American Dream before watching the film. If you would rather not, you’ll still get cool points for watching the film.