Still from The Incredible Hulk

All the movie news that’s fit to blog this week…

  • Hulk smashes the competition at the box office. M. Night Shyamalan turns green with envy. Cityzine writer is already out of Hulk references. With $54.5 million its opening weekend The Incredible Hulk was #1, with only $30.5 million, The Happening came in 3rd. Kung Fu Panda went from 1 to 2.
  • In negotiating news, there is now infighting between SAG and AFTRA because, as you may recall, AFTRA settled with the producers a few weeks ago, but SAG still hasn’t and thinks the previous deal makes their position that much weaker and so is encouraging AFTRA members to vote “NO” on the updated contract. It makes me sad when actors fight and it doesn’t involve Jackie Chan and/or Chris Tucker.
  • Though I was never really moved to wake up early for the Sunday Shows, when I used to have a Tivo I occasionally caught Meet the Press and Tim Russert always seemed to know what he was doing and god knows good TV journalists are few and far between. He also looked really good for 58. RIP, Tim.

  • The Tony Awards were this weekend! Wait, who’s Tony?
  • Hollywood stars are being tapped by car companies to , including Hydrogen-fueled cars from BMW and Honda that get hundreds of miles to the gallon and emit only water as waste. Though the cars will run anywhere between $100,000 and $1 million, to drive the same car as Joely Fisher would be priceless. Oh, no, actually it wouldn’t.