hulk_poster.jpg If you’re wondering whether or not to give “The Incredible Hulk” another chance at greatness after he let you down five years ago, I have one simple word for you. YES!!!

More of a retooling than retelling, this Hulk story finally gives fans and novices a like what they were originally hoping for when they descended upon theaters back in 2003. As you will come to find out, this film is easily ten times better than the first. Along with an improved script and better paced storytelling, it seems as though the CGI creators finally got it right and have undoubtedly improved on their work.

I’m not going to give you the whole synopsis and comic book backstory of the character or film, but here’s the essentials. Edward Norton plays our larger than life friend, who seems to have stayed out of trouble just long enough to figure out that there is no cure for his incredibly green ailment. Love interest and fellow scientist Betty, Liv Tyler has tried to move on with her life since the last time she saw him. William Hurt is cast as General Ross, Betty’s father and a Military commander who will stop at nothing to harness the Hulk’s power. Followed lastly by Tim Roth, who is undoubtedly the best actor at playing bad guys and well suited for his role as The Abomination. Who as you shall see, may be a bit more than the Hulk can handle. What ensues next is mass destruction, awesome special effects, things that go boom, and the most importantly, Hulk Smash!

There were rumours of heated arguments involving the creative differences between leading man Norton and Director Louis Leterrier about how the film should finally be cut. While its unclear what the disputes entailed, I’m happy to report that the finished product is something spectacular. If it takes feuding actors and directors to put out a summer blockbuster like this, I say let them fight all day long.

If you’re wondering if there’s room for a third big green adventure, the final few moments of the film don’t disappoint. This is assuredly good news for all you fanboys and girls out there who won’t have to stay till all the credits roll like to receive a tasty surprise. Yes this is a comic book movie and you definitely shouldn’t take it seriously; but just like this summer’s earlier release “Iron Man,” it manages to have a little something for everyone to enjoy.

So while I go enjoy a new promotional flavored Slurpee, I strongly encourage you to get to your Cineplex early this Friday. Word of this film will spread quickly and it will sound a little something like this. HULK AWESOME!!!