foot_fist_way.jpgI’m going to start out with a bold statement. There will be no in between for viewers of the new film, The Foot Fist Way. You will either love it and start quoting it, or hate it and want your money back.Danny Mcbride plays Fred Simmons, an unapologetic and hilariously self absorbed Tae Kwon Do instructor. His days mainly consist of berating his younger students, putting on low quality Martial arts demos, and driving around in his Magnum PI Ferrari. But when his busty blond wife played by Mary Jane Bostic cheats on him not once but twice, his seemingly inpenatrable macho man world is thrown into a downward spiral. His only chance at redemption is to regain the respect of his students by challenging his favorite Hollywood B movie Action star (Chuck The Truck Williams) Ben Best,to a final Tae Kwon Do showdown.Technically this isn’t a new film. Originally released in 2006 at Sundance, it was deemed a hit with audiences but no big studios decided to back it for wide release. Enter Will Ferrell and Adam McKay with their own company Gary Sanchez Productions. In association with Paramount Vintage, they’re hoping that a wider audience will pick up on what they consider “one of the funniest movies ever.” Shot for a budget of $35,000 and in less than two weeks, Foot Fist Way is a refreshing little break from all those Summer blockbusters. It has the look and feel of part documentary part human interest story.

First time director Jody Hill gives us a valiant effort, but falls just shy of a complete comedic experience. While there are a lot of funny parts in the film, overall it leaves you feeling a bit unsatisfied in the end.It’s not that the storyline is hard to follow but there is a bit of a lul for such a short film. I realize they didn’t have major Hollywood funding, but maybe some interesting backstory on why Simmons is the way he is would have helped even things out. To keep you in good spirits though, I will say this. Along with films like Napoleon Dynamite, The Foot Fist Way has just enough good vibes flowing to keep your attention and then make you go want to go out and create your own low budget comedy.