Prince Caspian Theatrical PosterAnother week, another SAG daily minimum.

  • Bringing in $56.6 million at the box office this weekend, The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian unseated Iron Man at Number One. It makes sense. The two movies are essentially the same: An heir apparent threatened by his uncle or father’s friend has to save his kingdom or company/the world. 6 of one, 100 million of the other.
  • AFTRA, the redheaded stepchild of talent unions in Hollywood, is also in the process of renegotiating their contract which expires on June 30th — the same day as the SAG contract. This is the first time that SAG and AFTRA have neogtiated their primetime TV contracts separately. It is also the first time I have pretended to care.
  • Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull premiered at Cannes this week to mixed reviews. Surprise! It’s not as good as the first three!

  • John Singleton is set to direct the A-Team movie with Tyrese Gibson, Bruce Willis and Woody Harrelson all for parts. I leave it to you to figure out which one will go with which role. (Hint: Woody is NOT going to be B.A. Baracus)
  • MGM is slating both Red Dawn and Robocop for upcoming remakes. No word yet as to why.

That’s all for this week. Time for me to unwind with a cocktail to ponder the meaning of Hollywood.