Evil tyrants, Exotic lands, danger and mystery around every corner, it’s Indiana Jones right? Nope, it’s The Chronicles of Narnia: Price Caspian. And from what I’ve just seen, even though Indy will rule the Box office next week, it won’t be a landslide victory.

For those of you not familiar with The Chronicles of Narnia, thank goodness for Google. Because there simply isn’t enough time to go into all the details, characters and backstory of the first film, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. If you want to do some quick homework I’ll wait……………. all caught up? Or if you’re lazy, here’s a clip.


Good, so without further delay let’s get into it.

It’s been one year for the Pevensie children, Lucy, Edward, Peter and Susan, since they last traveled to Narnia and became Kings and Queens. But as is always true of magical lands, times passes differently. As in 1300 years. The Narnian society they left no longer flourishes and is on the edge of extinction. Not to mention the main source of truth and justice the lion Aslan (Liam Neeson), hasn’t been heard from or seen in quite a while. It’s only hope is Prince Caspian (Ben Barnes) who just happens to be rightful heir to the throne. To bad he’s being pursued by his evil uncle Miraz who has now become King and will stop at nothing to rule the land. Our heroes arrive just in time to join up with the remaining survivors and new ally Caspian to make a final stand against evil.

It’s a safe bet that if you liked the Lord of The Rings trilogy and the Harry Potters, you will enjoy this film as well. Remembering that this is a movie made for kids, speaking from a critical standpoint there’s nothing really worth complaining about. It’s got everything you want in an Epic adventure. Good vs evil, impossible odds, a fantastic score, and more importantly for the kids, talking Woodland creatures. With a PG rating the violent action scenes are surprisingly exciting, well choreographed, and absent of blood splattering. At 144 minutes there are a few lul moments when the movie should be getting to its destination a little more quickly, but it’s not enough to cause loss of interest. Along with the battles and scene stealing moments from Eddie Izzard as a mouse and Peter Dinklage as a curmudgeonly lovable dwarf; this film has wrapped itself into a nice neat little package thats perfect for the whole family.

That having been said, I’m giving Prince Caspian my Royal seal of approval. No matter what your backround knowlege of the series, this is a stand alone film with something to offer everyone. Plus, with the first movie bringing in about $700 mil worldwide and the huge opening weekend expected for Caspian, it’s a safe bet we’re sure to see another sequel in about two years. Which if you’re keeping up with the series will be called ,The Voyage of The Dawn Treader.


Photo by narniafans