phone photot08-05-16We’ve all seen those courtesy reminders with the baby crying, laughter, conversation and the incessant phone ringing at the movies. Better yet those elaborate movie trailers you think are real until they get interrupted by the nokia ringtone. The latest ones are where famous directors such as Martin Scorcese interrupts a phone conversation and attempts to direct the action and content of the call. Frankly I appreciate them because they remind me to turn off my cell so as not to have the embarrassing situation of scrambling through my purse as it annoys my fellow theater goers.

However the annoyance of cell phones has spread from just noise to light. With the increasing amount of Blackberry’s, iPhone’s, and what not, more and more people are reading their e-mail, texting, checking the time, or even worse PLAYING GAMES in the middle of a movie! Just as you are enjoying your movie someone invariably opens up their phone and that beacon of light from their cell distracts you from the film on the screen. Since it’s not making noise the cell phone owner will often keep it open for several minutes. I don’t know about you but this drives me crazy!

I think we need to urge the film industry to add this to their list of courtesy reminders to the audience. The closest I’ve seen is the new trailer for the animated film Kung Fu Panda where he tells the audience not to text message cause he can hear the clicking.

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Photo by Nesster