Hello old friends… or new friends… or just plain ol’ acquaintances that I run into at the market after not talking to them for 5 years. Let’s pretend this is the awkward conversation we both don’t want to have. Super uncomfortable. Shall we?

I have some bits of news and rumors from all over, so stick with it.

  • Let’s start with some James Bond news. Well, it’s not news. The Aston Martin that someone drove into a lake was news. These are just some photos from the new Bond flick. Potential spoilers, but not really. Check them out here.
  • Since we’re on the topic of Bond, I might as well talk to you about this: Leonardo DiCapri may be taking up the role in Fleming, a movie based on Bond creator Ian Fleming. It is rumored DiCaprio may be taking the lead role. Check out the L.A. Times article here.

  • Now this next bit of info doesn’t really surprise me. I thought they would milk this bit of property sooner. Neal Moritz (Producer of I Am Legend, I Know What You Did Last Summer, XXX) is bringing R.L. Stine’s Goosebumps series to the big screen. I don’t know how familiar you are with those books, but my friends and I read them like the Bible while growing up. Check out the full article here.
  • If you haven’t heard, they’re trying to make an A-Team movie, being released June 12th of 2009. Ice Cube and Tyrese Gibson have both been rumored to take on Mr. T’s role, Bosco Baracus. Bruce Willis is heavily rumored to play John “Hannibal” Smith. I wonder how Will feels about this…
  • M. Night Shyamalan’s The Happening, starring Mark Wahlberg, has some early reviews coming in. Will it be as bad as The Village or as awful as Lady in the Water? I can only hope so, then maybe they will stop distributing his movies and stop wasting my time. If you want to read this person (who hoped it would be good) ripping it apart… by all means, please by my guest.
  • On to some not so depressing news. As we should all know, Guillermo Del Toro is taking over the reigns and directing the two Hobbit movies with Peter Jackson producing. They will be doing a live web chat together to answer the 20 most asked questions on May 24th. Read more info about it here, Tolkien fans.
  • In case you have been dying for a sequel to Point Break… the movie Gods have answered your prayer. I really don’t want to type more about it. If you want to read up on it, go here.
  • Let’s talk Transformers, yes? So it has been rumored that the sequel will be shown in 3-D. I’m not so sure I’m into that. I got a bad enough headache when it was normally projected. I would be able to see even less of the robot action. Those sequences were like a bad porno. This will be a bad 3-D porno. Hey, some people are into that.
  • On another Transformers note (kind of), Jonah Hill was rumored to be in talks to be the humorous sidekick but it supposedly fell through. For good reason? You tell me. The Superbad star is set to bring back 21 Jump Street. Yup. It will be a movie and is unknown if he will be in it to star. But he will work on the screenplay and executive produce. What do you think about that? Yes or hell no?
  • Let’s go to my favorite realm. Comic book movies! Wolverine is already in production and more info about the Magneto movie is surfacing. Kinda fun news is that the character Beast will be appearing in the prequel. Always cool, if you ask some x-Men fans. What other mutants will they bring in? I want to see Gambit.
  • We all know how much I loved Iron Man. At the end of the first weekend, Marvel announced their superhero line-up for the next few years. I think they got cocky after Iron Man made trillions and just poured out their superhero arsenal. So we have Iron Man 2 in 2010 followed by Thor the same year. Then in 2011 we will get Captain America and then The Avengers movie. Let them have their moment in the spotlight… I have a feeling they will be given a lesson in humility when the Hulk comes out. It’s just a feeling I have about that movie… we’ll see.
  • On another Iron Man note, you think it is a shoe in for Jon Favreau to direct the sequel… but he isn’t even signed on yet. I have no doubt in my mind that they will bring him back. Just a funny little fact.
  • Everyone is highly anticipating The Dark Knight this summer. Anyone out there have a lot of dough? How about you go check out this auction to go to the premiere and after party? You may need to get rid of a kidney or two…
  • I remember years ago, Michael Moore said he was going to make Fahrenheit 911 Part 2. But he went and did Sicko instead. Well I guess he’s following through with his word. We get more Moore. Read about it here.
  • I will leave you on this last piece of information. It’s more for me but you will read it anyway. Tonight is the season finale of Smallville. It looks to be quite crazy. Brainiac, Lex Luthor’s last episode as he finds out Clark’s true identity, Supergirl… will Clark finally fly? Check it out tonight at 8 p.m. on the CW. Check out the awesome HERE!

Alright. I have more but I figure that’s enough to hold you off for a bit. I know it’s a lot but I’ve been gone for a while. I am digging a hole in the middle of my living room to see if I can make it to China. I saw Bugs Bunny do it… so if a freaking rabbit can do it, then so can I. Enjoy your week and weekend. Check out Prince Caspian this weekend and even see Iron Man again. I’m going to go continue my dig. I am craving chow mein.