• With $50.5 million at the box office in its second week, Iron Man was still tops. Speed Racer came in second with a measly $20.2
  • Mark your calendars for April 30th, 2010… Iron Man 2! Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that everyone (including Jon Favreau) plans to return.
  • Great news — Michael Jackson gets to keep Neverland for at least a little while longer. Days before the Los Olivos ranch was set to or a foreclosure auction, an investment company bought the loan. Crisis averted!
  • ZOMG, Jennie Garth is going to be on the 90210 spinoff! I mean, ZOMG, 90210 spinoff!!!!
  • Fox Broadcasting Co. and 20th Century Fox have joined forces to search for the next big thing in cartoons. Under the name Fox Inkubation, they will finance short cartoons to help animators and writers flesh out ideas and hopefully find a new series. How’s this for an idea: make the cartoons you already have better (*cough* Simpsons *cough*) and then worry about the next big thing.