crudeawakening08-05-05Why is it so many Europeans are safe and sound, protected legally from genetically modified organisms, carried smoothly by rapid transit to die for, and now able to host the only film better than Al Gore’s on environmental fear and angst? Do we have only one decent environmental film in us? Basil Gelpke and Ray McCormack launched in November 2007 (in rather staid Zurich no less) the ultimate film of conscience on L.A.’s favorite issue GASOLINE PRICES!

A Crude Awakening, an intensely truthful docudrama, puts it all on us. What we really need to do they taunt and PROVE is charge a lot MORE for gasoline. It seems it’s these Europeans’ (and their California spokespersons in the film from CalTech and Stanford) only way they see to convince us that oil production HAS PEAKED and is in a rapid crash mode. That means the “C” word is all they have left for us CONSERVATION! Meantime, the film is a sleeper around here, being picked up at this point mostly by organizations, environmentalist groups, colleges, and amazingly, unions, who hope to organize workers to survive the looming crisis in getting and affording transportation to work.

Community colleges in the megalopolis are watching A Crude Awakening, union study groups across the Southeast are watching it, and we all should be watching it (83 minutes, not rated, LAVA Pictures, available at Netflix) unless you want to be the last to understand the enormous shakeup that peaked oil is beginning to cause in our commodity prices and availability, our home values, and airline and other travel options. If you really don’t care whether your field of work will still be viable after the oil crash or whether your community will be able to afford to bring in the goods you’re used to, then stick your head in the sand. To be as savvy as the Europeans, open one eye and take a look. Then tell your presidential candidate to stop pretending gasoline prices are a short term problem.

By Guest Writer Chris Cryer