Robert Downey, Jr. is Iron ManDespite fears of recession, the housing bust, war, famine and political instability – the movie business is still thriving. Nice to know we’ve got our priorities straight!

  • Iron Man, the pinnacle of comic book awesomeness, was number one at the box office this weekend. Critics, moviegoers and their wallets agree, Jon Favreau and Robert Downey Jr. have set a new standard for the superhero movie and raked in $100.4 million this weekend. Seriously, this movie is RAD. Read the CityZine review here.
  • What’s more boring than reading about strike negotiations? Writing about strike negotiations! SAG and the producers are going back to the table on Monday with the actor’s having scaled back some of their DVD residual demands. I for one would be interested to see what would happen if the actor’s went on strike… besides the riots that the writers would undoubtedly start.

  • So, the last episode of Scrubs is airing on NBC this week with little fanfare. Apparently the reservation comes from the fact that the show isn’t ending – it’s moving to ABC! This raises two questions: (1) WTF? This never happens and (2) Seriously? We need more seasons of Scrubs? Why don’t you just let Zach Braff go make another Garden State. Seriously, I love that movie.
  • Aw, TV ratings are down :( Cry me a river, networks. How about you make something worth watching and then I’ll think about tuning in again. A new medical show? How about another crime procedural? Huh? How about it??
  • TV Journalism lost all credibility this week. The FCC declared “TMZ” a “bona fide newscast.” Oh god.