forgetting_sarah_marshall_ver2.jpgQuick, name a movie that combines Male frontal nudity, Dracula puppets, and giant bowls of cereal. Aside from maybe a weird French arthouse flick, I can’t think of any either. However, that’s just whats at the tip of the new comedy juggernaut, Forgetting Sarah Marshall.

No doubt you have already seen the ad campaign that has been dwarfing LA these last couple weeks. Along with TV spots, billboards, buses, and taxis, have almost made it impossible not to be aware of this new film. After having just seen it, I can honestly say it more than lives up to the hype. Not very often will I throw out a “See it Twice” but this movie definitely warrants one. Do not drink to much soda! I repeat, DO NOT DRINK TO MUCH SODA BEFORE SEEING THIS FILM. Yes, it’s that funny.

Not that you would go see this movie for the plot, but here are some details. Peter Bretter, (Jason Segel) seems to have an easy going life. That is until his TV star girlfriend Sarah Marshall, (Kristen Bell) breaks up with him. Hoping to forget about his troubles and get out from under a gloomy cloud, he hops on a plane for a nice Hawaiin getaway. Only to discover Sarah and her new Rocker boyfriend, Aldous Snow (Russel Brand) are staying at the same hotel. (Gasp), what will happen next? Pure comic gold that’s what. The supporting cast includes friends and local color from all over the TV and Film world. SNL’s Bill Hader, Jack McBrayer from NBC’s 30 Rock, Mila Kunis, most notably from That 70’s Show, and Knocked Up alumni Jonah Hill and Paul Rudd. No one is under used here and the timing seems pitch perfect for all the gag . Come ready because the sidesplitting humor begins early, but that’s all I’m giving away for now.

Usually the movie trailer spoils far to many scenes, but in this case the biggest laughs are saved for the theater. Segel who has risen to prominence on the CBS comedy, “How I met Your Mother,” both stars in and wrote the film. Let’s hope he falls into the same vein as close friend Judd Apatow, because what we have here is Genius in the making. Although this is an adult film, it’s not as crass and explicit like the already mentioned runaway success and equally funny, Knocked Up. One thing is does have in common with the latter, is that it touches that small emotional spot inside you. Giving it the perfect balance of heartfelt emotion and humor.

With the media onslaught that Universal Pictures has given it, there’s no doubt that this pic will take first place at the box office. The real question is, will it continue to pull in big bucks like it’s sister films, The 40 Year Old Virgin, Super Bad, and Knocked Up? Or will it have to wait until DVD to hit real paydirt. One thing’s for sure, this film has great comedy legs to stand alone.


Photo courtesy of Wikipedia