forgettingmarshall08-04-13Definitely some good films worth watching this week. Forgetting Sarah Marshall is getting great reviews and seems to be another amazing Judd Apatow production. The Life Before Her Eyes is an extremely poignant art film about the effects of high school shootings. Dark and mysterious, looks like it might be good. Pathology is your horror film of the week, about a bunch of doctors gone mad. The Forbidden Kingdom, is the first time Jet Li and Jackie Chan will be kicking booty on screen together, I’m sure this will get many of you excited and for good reason. Where in the World is Osama Bin Laden? is the new Morgan Spurlock much talked about political documentary that looks like it’s worth a gander (now he never finds Osama Bin Laden). Then there is the new Al Pacino film, 88 Minutes, which looks horrible, but I hope will prove me wrong.