leatherheads08-04-03This week seems to be the light-hearted, fun, romantic film week. The biggest film being releases is probably Leatherheads directed and starred in by George Clooney with John Krasinski (from the US Office) and Renée Zellweger. I’m skeptical but interested enough to think it’s worth the cash. Meet Bill, with Aaron Eckhart looks like it might be trying a bit too hard, but is still worth a gander. My Blueberry Night, Norah Jones‘ film debut, looks a bit all over the place to me, there are about five different trailers out there and none of them seem to make any sense or have anything to do with one another. I think I could pass up, Nim’s Island, The Ruins, and Sex and Death 101, without ever even noticing, although all of them have great casts, the plot lines drive me far, far away. As for Shine a Light, it’s got Martin Scorsese on screen as well as directing, and is all about living the Rock n’ Roll life of Mick Jagger, what more do you need?

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