21 PosterNow that everything is back in full swing following the writer’s strike, there is a ton of movie business news going on! I’ve waded through it so you don’t have to.

  • The trial of alleged wiretapper Anthony Pellicano continued in L.A. this week. The LA Times reports that the prosecution introduced tapes of Pellicano and ‘Die Hard’ director John McTiernan discussing tapping producer Chuck Roven’s phones to find out what he was saying about McTiernan while the pair were working on the colossal flopRollerball.’ Corruption and hyper-egotism in the entertainment business? Who’da thunk? Just shut your eyes and try to remember how awesome ‘Die Hard’ was.
  • Jim Sturgess (I know, who??) vehicle ‘21‘ was Number One at the Box Office this weekend for some reason. That reason probably being that nothing else is playing. Also, what’s the deal with this poster? It makes me think the movie is about a black jack game at Les Deux.

  • In the Times again, it looks like Oliver Stone is going to start shooting a film about George W. Bush next month with a goal to release it before Bush leaves office. How Stone is going to put together what’s sure to be a 3+ hour epic in that time is beyond me, but Elizabeth Banks is in talks to play Laura Bush. Yes, ‘40 Year Old Virgin’ wild vixen Elizabeth Banks. That could open up a whole new audience to Oliver Stone…
  • Finally, a new Knight Rider! I’m sure that’s going to drive me back to network TV.
  • The Kid’s Choice Awards were this weekend. Neither being there nor having a kid means I did not watch and do not care.
  • The Hollywood Reporter has a hilarious article about a “protest” staged by a (very small) number of Star Wars fans trying to get attention for the completed but unreleased ‘Fanboys‘ in L.A. and New York. The film tells the story of a group of Star Wars fans travelling to George Lucas’ Skywalker Ranch to steal an early copy of ‘The Phantom Menace.’ Considering the fact that fewer than 50 people showed up to protest on either coast, it might be a tall order to get a group of them all the way across the country. Nice try, nerds!