flawless_ver2.jpgIt’s always nice to be pleasantly surprised when you go to the movies. Especially if you’re a film critic who thinks he know best, and has already deemed certain movies “rentals” based on their trailers alone. Well, I’m happy to report that this critic was wrong, again.

It’s 1960 and the London Diamond Corporation is doing big business. That is, until their diamonds are stolen from the vault. How did such a catastrophe happen? The vault codes are only know to two people, security cameras are monitoring the premises, and it seems quite impossible to move a ton of diamonds without anybody noticing. As it turns, out it’s not that hard at all. All you need is two people who have similar motives, opportunity, and are living somewhat unappreciated lives.

Michael Caine plays Mr Hobbs, the night janitor who turns out to be a lot smarter than anyone would give him credit for. Laura Quinn played by Demi Moore is the underappreciated and very intelligent female director who has been passed over time and again for promotion. Due to the fact that she is surrounded by all male managers. After learning from Mr Hobbs that she is about to be fired, she uneasily takes him up on his offer of stealing a few diamonds from the vault. Only a small amount that nobody will ever notice. Do they get away? One thing is for sure, I’m not telling.

What will be divulged is that this movie, while not the most high tech of heist films; is immediately likable in many ways. It manages to give up all the details and still leave you guessing until the final moments. There’s not a lot of explosions, chase scenes, or shoot ‘em up action that normally goes along with a Heist film like this. What is prevalent is believability that this movie has. The movie’s two stars are the real driving force of this vehicle. Demi Moore is like a fine wine, she looks fantastic and keeps getting better with age. As always, Michael Cane turns in a great performance with talent to spare.

If there’s anything negative to say about this film, it’s that it doesn’t keep up a consistent pace. However, it’s not too much of a hurdle to get past. I recently saw The Bank Job and comporatively Flawless has it beat. While not as dark or exciting its more of a personal story. One that hopefully, a larger audience can identify with.

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