underthesamemoon08-02-18America Ferrera will be one of the supporting actresses to grace the screen in directors Ligiah Villalobos new Spanish speaking film Under the Same Moon. The movie does not delve into the ‘electric fences’ or minute men militia type immigration process’. More so it takes a look at love and family. Villalobos believes that the significant drive behind each individual choice to cross the border is always based on love and family. Parents and siblings alike leave their towns and head to Los Angeles; finding menial jobs like washing dishes and selling tomatoes to stay under the radar of INS agents. The hardships unfortunately do not end once the border has been crossed. Poor living conditions followed by below minimum wage jobs often provide for a dismal situation. Most their earnings are sent home to family living in even harsher situations back home.

Under the Same Moon looks at a single mother who leaves Mexico and her son behind to find a job in Los Angeles in the desperate attempt to offer a better future. The son, tired of waiting for his absent mother to return pays a child smuggler to take him across the border. The movie chronicles both characters quest, trials and unconditional love that gives them the courage to survive.

Under the Same Moon opened yesterday March 20th in over 200 theatres in Los Angeles and is definitely worth your time and money. If you would like to see it below is ticket information, trailers, reviews, and a cast and crew lists.

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