Drillbit - 08-03-19 posterDo you remember what it was like to get bullied in high school? You don’t? Well watching “Drillbit Taylor” is just the thing to help you remember. If you were a nerd, geek or just plain weird in high school then you will be able to relate (I know I did). *SPOILER ALERT*

Wade (Nate Hartley) and Ryan (Troy Gentile) think they’re prepared to embark on the journey of high school, but they have no idea what lies ahead. The day turns bad before they even get on the school bus, Wade and Ryan end up wearing the same shirt with no time to change. Of course that leads to ridicule for the rest of the day from students and teachers alike.

To top things off they get on Filkin (Alex Frost), the school bully’s bad side when they attempt to stop him from shoving a kid, Emmit (David Dorfman), into a locker (Emmit becomes friends with Wade and Ryan). With that one little act of defiance, Filkins has made it his job to make high school miserable for Wade and Ryan. Of course when they go to the principal, he ends up being an idiot that won’t help them. They would have been better off being home schooled.

After what seems like weeks of beatings, Wade comes up with the idea of hiring a body guard to protect them from Filkins. They interview many qualified candidates, but end up choosing Drillbit Taylor (Owen Wilson) an ex-army ranger, mainly because he is in their price range. Little do they know that Drillbit, although a ex-army ranger, is a bum living on the streets and is trying to scam the kids out of their money to get out of the country.

After taking their money and teaching them some phony self defense moves (that leave Wade bruised and bloody), Drillbit gets attached to them and actually starts to help them deal with Filkins. The ending isn’t that much of a surprise. Drillbit gets the job done and takes care of Filkins his way. Lets just say that Filkins won’t ever bother Wade-son and Ryan-son ever again.

Overall I would have to give the movie 4 kernels out of 5. The movie could’ve been better on the acting side. This just goes to show how hard it is to find really great child actors now a day. Whatever happened to the Dakota Fannings or Haley Joel Osments? Oh yeah they grew up and left behind mediocre kids in their place. Besides that the story and everything else was better than I expected. I’ll just get to the point; Is “Drillbit” the must see movie event of the year? No, but it’s the best movie coming out this week by far. So, don’t go Meet the Browns, instead go meet Drillbit.

Drillbit poster from Wikipedia