Monster Squad“The Goonies” come together to conquer Dracula and company in “The Monster Squad.” Almost as moving as “Stand By Me” and cooler than “Explorers,” “Monster Squad” pays tribute to all those elementary school dorks who obsess over Stephen King. Penned by Shane Black (”Lethal Weapon and “Last Boy Scout”), the script boasts thick, dark sarcasm and one of the most memorable movie lines of all time (hint: nards). If you’re in the market, mark your calendars. The New Beverly will project this FOUR nights in a row! That’s Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. This week March 19-22. And stick around as “Monster Squad” screens back to back with alien-brain-eating-parasite-zombie classic “Night of the Creeps.”

At the New Beverly (Map). Wednesday through Saturday, 7:30. as well as an extra show on Saturday at 3:55. Tickets at the door.

While we’re talking 80’s absurdity, see “Clue” at Arclight Sherman Oaks (Map).Monday, March 17 at 8:00. Tickets Here.

In related news, Universal Studios has signed a six-year deal with Hasbo to adapt more board games and toys into motion pictures. “G.I. Joe is currently filming for 2009 release. More possible titles include “Monopoly,” “Battleship,” “Candyland,” and “Magic: The Gathering.” Ridely Scott’s attached at the “Monopoly” project. Seriously.

Film-as-pretension scholars join hands Tuesday to worship Frederico Fellini as “Dolce Vita” gets big-screen treatment. “Vita” glorifes high society in Italy circa 1960, though some say it condemns the glorification thereof. Either way, it’s cool to look at.

Prayer meeting at Arclight Hollywood. Tuesday, March 18th, at 8:00. Tickets Here. Map.

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