10,000 BC08-03-1010,000 BC was easily number one at the box office this week, raking in $36 million. More than doubling the second place film College Road Trip. As the movie approached its opening day, the #1 question that everyone was asking was “will it live up to the hype?” We’ll I’m here to tell you that it did, kind of. It had its flaws, but over all it was a fun and entertaining movie experience.

*No major spoilers* In the start we hear a prophecy tell us that a young warrior will defeat the demons and bring peace to his tribe. When a little girl, named Evolet (Camilla Belle), with blue eyes is saved from the demons and brought to the tribe, Mother (the tribes spiritual leader) foretells that the warrior that saves them will be this young girls partner. Well there’s no mystery who the warrior will be, cause a young boy named D’leh (Steven Strait) falls in love with her instantly and promises to always keep her in his heart.

The prophecy starts to come to fruition when the demons come and enslave most of the tribes people, but most importantly Evolet, and take them to their mountain of the god. This of course angers D’leh and he will stop at nothing to save her, saving his tribe seems to be secondary and not as important.

He will cross the never ending desert, mountains, anything that nature throws at him to get to her. When he is within reach of saving her, will he have matured and realized that his people, along with thousands of others, need his help? Or will he still be hell bent on saving Evolet and nothing else?

The best part of the movie had to be (no not the special effects, though they were good) the blind man in the jail. When he started moving and talking I cracked up and even started tearing up. I’m one of those people that crack up at anything even if I shouldn’t, for example old people or kids falling. Hands down the best 5 minutes of the movie, well worth my $10.50 to see it.

There were scenes in 10,000 BC with unnecessary dialog and some over acting (pay attention to the kids shifting eyes), but it wasn’t enough to make it a “wait for the DVD” movie. The movie was great, but not what it was made out to be, another victim of over hype. My brother (a Stargate nerd) also pointed out that the director, Roland Emmerich, basically ripped off the story about how the pyramids were built in Stargate, a movie he also directed.

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Written by Anthony