10,000 BC08-03-0910,000,00 B.C. has proved that people love going back in time with the latest special effects. Apparently the bible belt wasn’t as hard on it as I expected, as it’s hit#1 on the charts. Or else it’s just like all the Jewish people going to see The Passion of the Christ out of curiosity. With College Road Trip right behind it I’m doubtful that anyone out there was looking for any ground breaking films. Juno, No Country for Old Men, and There Will be Blood have all been knocked off the list. To round off our top three is Vantage Point, which in all honesty surprises me, I have yet to see it but have not heard one good thing about it. The Other Boleyn Girl, is the only film that has some sense of reality and history to it (10,000 B.C. is NOT about history – it’s an action flick) but even that’s a bit loose with the details. With Jumper, Step up 2 the Streets, and Fool’s Gold rounding up our top ten, I feel pretty secure stating that this weekend was all about the popcorn.

So here is your box office top 10!