thebankjob-08-03-06I’ve always said there’s nothing like a set of young and perky breast to get a movie started. O.K., honestly I’ve never said that. However, that is the first of many surprising scenes in the new release, The Bank Job.

Just like the film, let’s get right to the details. Terry (Jason Statham) is a man with some small problems on his hands. Longtime friend Martine, (Saffron Burrows) may have a solution. It’s quite simple actually, lets rob a bank. With not much going for them, Terry and his crew decide to go for it. Only thing is, they’ve never robbed a bank. Turns out that this job may have more consequences than they can fathom. With the likes of everyone from MI-5, British Parliament, a dubious Porn king, and a radical Black Power Movement leader on their tail; this may be one heist that should have left alone. Darn those Safety Deposit boxes and their seedy contents.

The film has a 70’s Noir feel to it. That is to say it’s a little bit gritty and definitely has some darker moments than caper films of recent memory. With a few nude scenes and some torture that had me feel a bit queasy, it’s not for all, but nothing that will have you running for the exits. There are some enjoyably humorous and lighthearted moments but they seem to fade away to quickly. At it’s core this is a Heist film, plain and simple.

Kudos to director Roger Donaldson, who does a great job at putting together what could have easily been another dreary shoot um’ up film. He manages to never let you feel completely safe for either yourself or the the cast. Jason Statham doesn’t quite pull off the caring husband and father/thief, but he comes close enough. Saffron Burrows is very likable as the woman whose playing both sides. The last time we saw her was in 2007’s “Reign Over Me,” I for one am glad she’s gracing the screen again.

At just 110 minutes, this movie has everything it needs to succeed. It never strays far from the story, keeps you guessing, and doesn’t bother with elaborate details. So in closing, don’t be a Bloody Wanker! Go out, steal yourself some tickets, and hit up The Bank Job.