Movie PosterIf any of you people out there still like to watch GOOD movies, then Mr. Brett Morgen has got something for you. If you’re a little bit confused about whom I’m referring to you’ll have to think back 2002 and try and remember a film entitled The Kid Stays in the Picture. A splendid Doc about legendary Paramount Studios film producer Robert Evans and his Hollywood rise & fall, then eventual rise again.

What a truly entertaining and technically breakthrough film, up until that point no filmmakers had revolutionized still image manipulation to create a feel of movement and a three-dimensional reality. If you haven’t seen it then you need to Netflix it or go to Blockbuster and check that shit out.

Now you know who I’m talking about and that’s important because next I’m going to tell you about his latest project Chicago 10. The Chicago 10 was a group of 60’s political radicals and lawyers that were put on trial for inciting a riot in Chicago, at the 1968 Democratic National Convention. It’s no secret today that the trial was a complete BULL SHIT media circus that resulted in a railroading instead of a verdict. But I feel most people, up until now, with Brett’s film, haven’t really exposed how the whole event went down.

Chicago 10 does more than just explain, it recreates those terrible, yet today, very relevant events of 1968, and lays the whole darn show right on the table for all to see. The truly outstanding part is that he pulls off some mesmerizing animated sequences that show us the 60’s mixed up with what’s possible creatively today. The advancement it technology allows Morgen to create a new type of Documentary, one that not only informs but breaks visual boundaries and cracks open the often preconceived notions about Doc’s that they’re stuffy and hard to watch.

Protest PosterWhen you also combine a shit load of radical music and celebrity voices, it’s pretty tough to say that it’s hard to watch. From the very first frame you’re hooked, line and sinker. At just under two hours you don’t feel like he’s beating you over the head with info, you get ample portions, but don’t walk away feeling bloated. There is nothing better than a well put together film that hooks you up with American history and also kicks your ass with visuals. I say okay, and you should too.

Here comes the rub, if you want to go and see this remarkable film, unfortunately you only have one option. The Nuart Theatre off Santa Monica blvd and the 405. You know the one that still shows The Rocky Horror Picture Show every Saturday night at midnight. It’s a movie conspiracy how these distribution deals get worked out. Los Angeles is the heart of films and film watching, yet she consistently burns us. I can remember when Dreamgirls came out it was only showing at like three theatres in town. Eventually somebody relented and gave it a wide release, but only after quite a while.

Chicago 10 should be shown at high schools like Schindler’s List. The reality is most of you will have to wait for cable or DVD. I guess that’s okay for most of John Q Public, but as for me, I still love the feel of movie theatre, a 50 inch HD TV can only do so much. I need that OG feel; it gets me off, what can I say? See Ya.

Written by Jeff Barrick