Semi-Pro08-02-29What do you get when you mix Will Ferrell and basketball (or for that matter anything) together? I tell you what you get, a fun movie experience. Will Ferrell keeps hitting the funny bone of America. Semi-Pro is a riot from beginning to end. The song “Love Me Sexy” during the intro is hilarious and a great way to begin the flick. But, Semi-Pro isn’t just funny, it also teaches team work and other morals, you just won’t really be thinking about that while your laughing.

Jackie Moon (Ferrell) is a player, promoter and owner of the ABA Flint Tropics, which he bought with the money from his popular song Love Me Sexy. With the ABA losing money and fan base, the league decides to merge with the ever popular and growing NBA. Problem is only the 4 teams (Spurs, Nuggets, Nets and Pacers) with the biggest upside get to merge with the NBA and the other teams are done for.

Moon isn’t having any of that though and convinces the commissioner that the top 4 teams in the league should be the ones that merge with the NBA. With the Tropics at the bottom of the standings they have their work cut out for them. Their goal isn’t to win the championship, oh no, they just want to get to 4th place. This is their time to come together as a team and show that team work, mixed with fighting and dancing, can propel even the worst team into 4th place.

Will Ferrell as always gives a great performance. It seems like he can slip into any role and make it believable. He had a great supporting cast with Woody Harrelson as the experienced player Monix and Andree Benjamin as Coffee Black the superstar on the Tropics. I also have to give props to Will Arnett as Lou Redwood who is just a great comedian. Each give great performances and are just as funny as will Ferrell at times.

If your like me and your probably not, you enjoy a good laugh and this movie delivers the laughter that you’ve been seeking.

Semi Pro photo via Wikipedia