arclightbyintergerpoet08-02-041.jpgThis month the list of films presented at Arclight Cinemas focuses on “Politics in Cinema” (Hollywood) and “Sports at the Movies” (Sherman Oaks).

Included during the month of March are two director screenings for the films Snow Angels and The Wonder of It All.

Arclight Hollywood: Politics in Cinema

  • Mr. Smith Goes to Washington — March 5th at 8PM.
  • The Manchurian Candidate (1962) — March 12th at 8PM.
  • The Parallax View — March 19th at 8PM.
  • All the President’s Men — March 26th at 8PM.

Arclight Sherman Oaks: Sports at the Movies

  • Rocky — March 3rd at 7:30PM.
  • Caddyshack — March 10th at 7:30PM.
  • Hoosiers — March 17th at 7:30PM.
  • Field of Dreams — March 24th at 7:30PM.
  • Rudy – March 31st at 7:30PM.

Director’s Screenings:

  • The Wonder of It All — March 6th at 8PM.
  • Snow Angels – March 13th at 8PM.

*Both director’s screenings are at the Arclight Hollywood.

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Photo by intergerpoet via Flickr