dark_knight.jpgWell the Oscars are over. This of course means you have about 8 months to focus on not so serious films. A very good thing considering the mindless mush, popcorn blockbusters, and buddy comedies that will be thrown at you, oh so soon. The (Action Adventure) genre seems to be heavy hitting this year, maybe even more so than those close election stats that will be covered on Fox News and CSPAN. I don’t know about you, but Wolf Blitzer gives me the creeps. So without giving away any spoiler details, here’s an early reminder of four films you should be on the lookout for.

The Dark Knight- The last time Batman swung into theatres, he did so with a vengeance. Writer and director Christopher Nolan gave us a wake up call that this time things were going to be different. As long as this series continues to stay in his capable hands, we can rest easy that there will be no repeats of (Batman and Robin). Christian Bale is always in top form and with Heath Ledgers final performance as the Joker, this promises to be the stuff of Cinema greatness. Maggie Gyllenhaal enters the cast hopefully replacing Katie Holmes, who while not hurting the last film, didn’t really add anything to it either.

indianatempledoom.jpgIndiana Jones and The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull- Let’s face it, deep down we really want to see Harrison Ford in that famous hat and crack the whip one more time. As old as he is, the chiseled mug and charisma that lends itself to this timeless character is still his. With a great mix of past love Karen Allen, and new blood courtesy of Shia LaBeouf, maybe Indy will finally be able to truly call this his Last Crusade. At the helm once again are Steven Speilberg and George Lucas. If these two heavyweight’s can’t make this adventure shine, the fate of all humanity is in peril.robertironman08-02-25“Iron Man”- There was a mix of outrage and and thought pondering bloggers when Robert Downey Jr was picked to take on the mantle of Tony Stark. For those of you unfamiliar with the comic book, that’s who’s under the armor. One thing is for sure, the quick wit and comic timing of this actor will bring a persona to the comic book hero not seen before. Jon Favreau takes the directing seat and has put together what appears to be one wild ride. One of the last adaptations to be snatched up by the movie biz, Iron Man has a fanbase not quite as big as Spiderman but more faithful. While Spiderman 3 pulled in more money than should be allowed, it clearly was lacking in plot. Let’s hope Iron Man will not suffer the same fate as say, “The Punisher”.

speedracer208-02-26Speed Racer“- Most of us aren’t old enough to remember when this cartoon made it’s debut in the 60’s. However, with reruns and the inception of Cartoon Network and YouTube, Speed’s following is stronger than ever. In fact, any guy who says he wouldn’t want to to take the Mach 5 for a spin, is clearly lying his ass off. The Wachoski brothers, yes the same one’s who brought us the Matrix, are behind the directing wheel. With a plethora of stars including, Matthew Fox, Emile Hirsch, Christina Ricci, and John Goodman; this movie definitely has a lot of talent to play with. As long as the Wachowski’s promise not to go to deep into the rabbit hole, this one should be fun for everybody.

While not everyone is a comic book fan or cartoon watcher, there’s something to be said for movies like this. What it comes down to is the ability to detach your brain from reality. If the kid in you hasn’t come out to play in a while, then maybe it’s about time you let him.

All photos courtesy of Wikipedia