Beowolf08-02-26Well it’s a big week in DVD releases. With a range of films from The Darjeeling Limited to The Smurfs: Season One, Volume One, there’s got to be something for you out there. Goya’s Ghosts which apparently came out in Spain in November 2006, stars newly named Academy Award winner Javier Bardem and Natalie Portman. 30 Days of Night should give you a good scare and Ben Foster is always enjoyable, even if he’s only in the film for a short while. If you’re a sports fan, than you’ll be happy to know that Super Bowl XLII comes out this week, if you’re more of a Keira Knightley fan, than try Silk (although it got an 8% on Rotten Tomatoes-Ouch).

Without further ado! This week in DVD’s!