ZappedBetter than a bag of Pop Rocks. “Zapped!” follows the misadventures of teen loser Scott Baio. While experimenting with THC derivatives in the school science lab, Baio stumbles upon telekinesis. He uses it to undress girls, conquer bullies, and help his scumbag best friend scam jocks and cheerleaders. All the while, school janitor Scatman Crothers gets really high and travels to fantasyland, where he rides a bike with Einstein and flees from his angry wife, who fires salami logs out of bazooka. It’s a stoner’s delight. And yes, Baio’s best friend in the film is played by “Charles in Charge” co-cheif, Willie Aames… back before Aames pulled a Kurt Cameron and became “Bibleman.” Aames’ character in “Zapped!” is pure gold. He seduces the hottest girl in school; the next day, she tells him, “whatever happened between us, I faked every minute of it.” His response: “that’s why it was so good!”

Ahh… heartwarming stuff. “Zapped!” plays in a double bill with Brian DePalma’s telekinetic teen masterpiece “Carrie.” Friday. February 22nd. 7:30. New Beverly. Also Saturday. February 23rd. 3:30 and 7:30.

It’s all part of the Greats of Roth Film Festival at the New Beverly: two weeks of double features selected by the 2nd youngest successful director in Hollywood (Eli Roth, “Hostel”).

Of many magnificent highlights, Roth will present the stellar butt-rock classic “Stunt Rock.” Though I’ve never actually seen or heard of “Stunt Rock,” the trailer is perhaps the coolest thing I’ve ever seen:

“Stunt Rock” plays back to back with the early 80’s future musical “The Apple.” Sunday, February 24th is TBA. Monday, February 25th at 7:30. Also Tuesday, February 26th at 7:30.

As a second-generation exploitation film junkie with a video stock pushing 1500, I have spent thousands upon thousands of hours wading through the vilest, worst, most heinous “movies” on the planet. I can safely say that “Cannibal Holocaust” is one of The Top 3 Most Disturbing Pictures Ever. If you’re needing a serious mind-fuck, check it out. It plays in conjunction with “The Blair Witch Project” (due to the fact that the “Blair Witch” gimmick totally ripped off “Holocaust”).

That double feature is for one night only: Wednesday, February 27th at 7:30 PM.

Eli Roth will be present for some of the screenings, but dates and times on that are hush-hush. There may also be stars, directors and other notable guests at certain screenings, but once again, no public info as of today. If interested, keep watch at Eli Roth’s blog, Also, the New Beverly website might provide updates. And to see trailers and clips from all movies in the fest, refer to Roth’s blog (where there’s also some sweet 2nd grade drawings of death, destruction and “My Bodyguard”).

Here’s the complete lineup:

All screenings are at the New Beverly. Map.

Box office tends to open 15 minutes before the show, but you’ll want to arrive 30+ minutes early for any show (when Quentin Tarantino did The New Bev Grindhouse Fest back in March, the lines were long and theater always packed. Expect a similar turnout here).

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