FoolsGoldME08-02-11Well, the box office top ten is a mixture of vile and crap, with a bit of hope sprinkled in. The first sign of hope is that the “Hannah Montana / Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour” movie (if you can even call it that) has dropped down 66% since it’s opening weekend. Hopefully it will drop another 44% and disappear. Also, I’m so proud of “Juno” for sticking in the top 5 for it’s near 10th week in theaters. (By the way did anyone see the Juno mobile driving around town this weekend? It was a cut out of Juno, in her room, in a glass box on the back of a truck).

“There Will be Blood” is hanging in there, it’s been at #10 for 4 weeks now and seems to happy staying there. If only it could have slipped above “Meet the Spartans” I wouldn’t be quite so angry with ticket buyers. I am surprised to see “Cloverfield” getting the boot so quickly, I thought it was a good film, definitely better than half the crap on this list. As for the number one, I haven’t seen it, won’t see it, so I won’t comment.

But enough with what I think, here is your Box Office Top 10 for the Weekend:

  1. Fool’s Gold (New) | Weekend Total $22,010,000 | Gross Total $22,010,000
  2. Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins (New) | Weekend Total $17,126,725 | Gross Total $17,126,725
  3. Hannah Montana / Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert Tour | Weekend Total $10,508,000 | Gross Total $53,390,000
  4. The Eye | Weekend Total $6,630,000 | Gross Total $21,520,000
  5. Juno | Weekend Total $5,725,000 | Gross Total $117,629,958
  6. 27 Dresses | Weekend Total $5,700,000 | Gross Total $65,368,790
  7. The Bucket List | Weekend Total $5,340,000 | Gross Total $75,058,000
  8. Rambo | Weekend Total $4,119,000 | Gross Total $36,510,000
  9. Meet the Spartans | Weekend Total $4,075,000 | Gross Total $33,915,289
  10. There Will Be Blood |Weekend Total $4,073,080 | Gross Total $26,782,363

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