Michael BayNew Line Cinema has given Michael Bay full authority to produce new installments into both the “Elm St.” and “Friday the 13th” franchises.

Bay personifies Hollywood Today. He’s not a filmmaker. He’s a marketeer. He wants big money, and he wants it now.

Seriously, it’s where the industry’s been going for the past two decades. And I’m not some douche-hole college junkie who hates capitalism. I believe the film industry is, first and foremost, a BUSINESS. However, it’s a business of distributing ART. So there’s a balance, or at least, there used to be.

In 1948, the case of United States vs. Paramount found big-time studios guilty of monopolizing the film industry. Not only did the studios own all production, they owned 70% of all major movie theaters in the country that distributed production. Thus, Hollywood studios were forced to give up many of their theaters across the nation. Then, in the early 50’s, America saw a boom in Drive-ins, and an influx of small-scale productions to fit those Drive-ins. So what the fuck happened?

These days, not only do the studios own every mainstream theater in the country, they own the independent film market. FOX Searchlight? WARNER independent? SONY Screen Gems? It’s a joke. But the only ones laughing are the studio execs and a few A-list actors and directors.

So, maybe the writers strike is about more than a few residuals. Maybe it’s about the fact that too many writers pour their heart and soul into their scripts, while too many producers piss on those scripts. And after all is said and done, as long as a movie’s a hit, who cares about the story, the characters, and the emotions those characters illicit from an audience?

Writers care. ‘Cause a lot of us learned more about life in movie theaters than we did from our parents or teachers. And we want to teach as much as we can to the next generation, so we won’t have to see lonely hearts go pulling a Virginia Tech or Columbine.

And so, a message to Michael Bay: consider that fact that young, potentially psychotic kids will be watching the next generation of Freddy and Jason movies, over and over again (it’s what we horror fanatics do). Plan your scripts accordingly; know that Hollywood has more power than the government. And if you don’t believe that, what the hell are you doing producing motion pictures?

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