in bruges08-02-06Having recently been subjected to two horrendous movie experiences, the thought of a cineplex outing wasn’t to appealing. Ideas of how to bide my time while staying indoors till the summer blockbusters hit, were swirling about the brain. On top of that, this particular review was to take place on a Saturday. A Saturday that was to have a writers meeting of a certain online magazine. A meeting both impossible to get to by all forms of transportation and held in a secret underground beach location; where both the wine and women are known to flow freely. Alright, maybe just the wine. So taking all this in to account, I begrudgingly headed out to another movie review. However, good fortune was at work that day as the heavens opened up and bestowed unto me a gift of happiness. In Bruges.

The story unfolds like this. After a job, two hitmen played by (Collin Farrell) and (Brendan Gleeson). Are ordered by their boss (Ralph Fiennes) to hide out in the town of Bruges, which for those of you not familiar with Europe, is located in Belgium. We get the impression you wouldn’t want to be stuck here for to long. While the town itself provides the setting for the story, along with some colorful characters; what’s really at the heart of the film is why these two men were sent here in the first place. An important detail that is explained through uneasy conversations and flashbacks


With a mix of surprises, shock, and sometimes things you wish you hadn’t seen, this movie is billed as a “dark comedy,” but delivers so much more. The R rating is for a reason, so leave the kids at home. Although not plentiful, the violence, gore and language get the point across quite effectively. That having been said, not a thing should be changed.

Writer and first time Director Martin Mcdonagh, does a fantastic job here of mixing humorous dialogue with action. The movie is very well paced and has you in it’s grasp early on. Then just when you think you know how it’s going, you get a great curve. Smartly plotted, this happens more than once. Both Collin Farrell and Ralph Fiennes have never been better in comedy then they are here. With humurous turns as well from Brendan Gleeson and Peter Dinklage this film has a lot going for it. Giving away any more details would spoil your viewing enjoyment, so from here on out “mums” the word.

With your head soon to be filled with Oscar chatter, and 2008 clearly here. Let me enthusiastically cast my vote for this film. For best new movie so far, In Bruges is a winner!

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