redcarpetagain08-01-29Now that Hollywood’s (possible) only awards show has occurred this year, it will be easier to handicap the Oscar race. Well, that’s how it usually works, no? …Anyone?

Unfortunately, it might be best to hold onto those bets until the awards are closer because this year seems to be a free for all. The SAG awards are usually a good indicator of who will take home the Oscar given that the nominations for a SAG award usually line up with the nominations for Oscar. But this year, the nominations are all over the place. Shoot, the Screen Actor’s Guild poured lots of love on Into the Wild (only to shut it out), but the Academy only gave it two nods. So here’s a brief rundown of Sunday’s results.

Best Actor: Daniel Day-Lewis remains the front runner, however, his competition for an Oscar is much more intense. Johnny Depp and Tommy Lee Jones, while not garnering the buzz they need at this point, are still forces to be considered. Even so, its still Day-Lewis’s award.

Best Actress: This is one category that you might want to put down some money. Julie Christie remains a favorite, and her win on Sunday only solidified her favor with the industry. Even better, save for the omission of Laura Linney, the SAG nominations almost lined up with the Oscar nominations, so Christie still managed to beat most of her opponents.

Best Supporting Actor: As it stands, this award is Javier Bardem’s. Both nomination lists line up perfectly, so he, like Christie, should prepare a speech. However, don’t count out the growing sentiment for Hal Holbrook, which this category loves, LOVES!

Best Supporting Actress: Ruby Dee’s win came as a surprise. Cate Blanchett remains the favorite here, and the little girl from Atonement can cry all she wants.

Best Picture: No Country for Old Men’s win at the SAG awards puts it ahead of the rest of the gang for the Oscar, but unlike years past, predicting a clear front runner in this category gets harder and harder by the day.

As for Director…well, SAG doesn’t award directors, now do they?

Photo by Mika Hiironniemi via Flickr