Cool as Ice Resized (from when Vanilla Ice was considered hip? I swear to god it happened for a week in 1991, around the same time kids were wearing Hammer pants. Vanilla’s popularity was so short-lived, that by the time he wrapped production on his first film, even the dumbest Americans were sick of him. On a budget of $6 million, “Cool as Ice” plundered less than a third of that back in ticket sales. Now it’s on the big screen once more. For one night only: come join a crowd of grey-haired children and help us mock this “rap oriented remake of ‘Rebel Without a Cause.’” Saturday. January 25th. Midnite. New Beverly. Tickets at the door.

The pompous assholes at the AFI redeem themselves this week, as “2001″ plays in a “special dome presentation in 70MM with six track magnetic discrete magnetic sound.” I don’t know exactly what all that means, but it sounds incredible. Meet me in the parking 15 minutes early; we’ll share a joint. Wednesday. January 30th. 8:00 PM. ArcLight Hollywood. Tickets Here. AFI is also presenting “The Shining.” Monday. January 28th. 7:30 PM. ArcLight Sherman Oaks. Tickets Here.

And if you dig movies about Nam vets who go ape-shit and kill everything, ignore the title of this column. Go see Rambo 4.

If you dig movies that were once considered hip and young but are now pop-cultural artifacts, check out Marlon Brando in the pre-”Easy Rider” biker movie, “The Wild One.” It plays in conjunction with a sweet Bob Dylan exhibit at the Skirball Center. Tuesday. January 29th. 1:30 PM. Admission free. No reservation necessary.

If you like to watch transvestites sing on the big screen, and you like to throw toast and hot dogs, “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” is still going strong at the Nuart. Every Saturday. Midnite. Tickets at the door.

Live, old-school jazz accompanies silent films in “Silent Surrealism” at Caltech. Some of the films scheduled to appear at this event have never before been seen in America; the reels were recently taken from a bunch Euro gypsies! Saturday. January 27th. 3:30 PM. California Institute of Technology. Admission free. No reservation necessary.

And finally, the “independent” studio movie “The Air that I Breathe” opens in limited release this weekend. It’s about a bunch of different people doing a bunch of different shit, with emphasis on their emotions. Ensemble cast includes Sarah Michelle Gellar, Kevin Bacon, Forest Whitaker, Andy Garcia, Julie Delpy and Enicno Man. Audiences are loving the movie; critics are hating it, so it’s probably worth watching. Showtimes here.

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