Meet the Spartans08-01-26Somewhere in America, there’s a group of film school graduates crying. Not because their movie didn’t get selected for Sundance; but because some executive took the time and effort to greenlight a piece of crap. Meet the Spartans, is that crap.

Even with it’s various takes on spoofing movies, celebrities, and product placement; I counted twenty seven, “Meet the Spartans” fails to deliver on the laughs. The plot, if there is one, is a knock off of last year surprise hit, “300.” Granted, there are a few chuckles here and there. My particular favorite involved one with Ugly Betty. However, you can see these one liners coming a mile away, and most of them should have stayed there. The gags get old very quickly, and most go on for far to long.

If there’s not a tagline for this movie, I just came up with one. “Attention audience, If you’ve got some time to kill, Rambo is playing in theater #6″. They could have put this idea on YouTube, cut it by 45 minutes, and it would have been much funnier. What’s even worse is that the stupidity continues to ensue after the credits roll. I was hoping for some funny gag reels, but not even that happens.

Besides the obvious, my only real regret is that Kevin Sorbo, who stars along side with Carmen Electra and Sean Maguire, is finding it hard to get work. Either that, or he a lost a really crappy bet. If you absolutely have to see this film, please wait for the DVD. That way you only have to spend a few bucks being disappointed.

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