OotAndAboot-NormaDesmondAs you may know, there is a ton of filming going on downtown. Even during the writers’ strike, we see the men in yellow work boots, large rolls of cord, and cargo shorts down here on a weekly basis. They look at us apologetically, like they are about to kill our family dog, and say, “I need you to wait here for just a minute because they are about to roll.” My husband turns red and spits as he expresses indignation. I take it in stride since we can just walk around the block and be on our way. Maybe we should get his blood pressure checked.

Anyhooo, I decided to put a piece about this in the “Oot and Aboot” section because it’s a fun thing to come check out. On any given weekend, you are going to see a film crew doing something or other. Plus, they are surprisingly friendly.

We park at a building in the 600 block of Wilshire. That block seems to be a filming mothership because large crews arrive there to film almost every weekend. Live long and prosper. Nanu nanu.

Saturday, we parked the car, took the elevator to the ground floor, and as we walked through the lobby the security guard joked, “They’re waiting for you in order to start filming.” All three of us chuckled politely and my husband and I left the building.

We made it a few hundred feet when, all of the sudden, we heard “ACTION!” A gaggle of extras started walking . . . well, strutting down the sidewalk toward us. We were like thirty year-old poorly dressed salmon swimming up a Prada stream.

“Um I think we’re in the shot,” my husband and I remarked in unison.

The Prada salmon continued to advance. We were seriously in the shot. No really. We were in the shot. And not being paid for it!

As we neared the end of the block, the director hollered, “AAAND CUT!”

One of the production folks walked toward us and said something about signing a release. I cleverly quipped, “That shot will be pro bono.” Har! Oh, I’ve got a million of ‘em.

But seriously, what kind of a crazy coincidence is that?! It wasn’t “life in downtown” or “life in LA”. I mean that was nutty. Loopy. We don’t know what they were filming, so I now must watch all commercials, tv shows, and movies to see if they captured my close up.

I was ready.