PS I lvoe you08-01-15The film is causing quite a stir among the female population in LA. The audience is glued to the screen sobbing, some loudly, some quietly not for the neighbor to see how vulnerable and romantic you actually are. I saw it on a Friday night, not the night you want to watch anything that even remotely reminds you that you don’t have that special one by your side.

Throughout the movie, I kept asking myself a question (actually I wanted to ask my neighbors in the audience as well, but they were too involved in their tears) – does this love exist or is it a fiction and the screenwriters just want us to see what we are missing? If this is the case, then it is plainly mean of them to plant a hopeful and romantic seed and then take us on a road of relationship disappointments.

Holly (Hilary Swank) and Gerry (Gerard Butler) is a couple who has been married for six years. You might think, after all this time, it’s not the intensity of love that keeps a marriage but the habit of having someone in your life. Well, according to the movie, intense and I-can’t-live-without-you love does exist. When Holly looses her husband to brain tumor, she chooses to reminiscent about their relationship rather than go on with her life. She locks herself up in the apartment, surrounded by candles and Gerry’s pictures and watches black and white American classics with his ashes in the box next to their bed. Creepy, you’d think? I thought so too.

You’ll think that Gerry would want her to move on, but how can she if she starts to receive letters from him after his death? The letters full of life, adventure and love. It reminds her over and over what she has lost, but she does follow his requests and with the help of her friends and family, she does meet a new man (who very much resembles her dead husband) who brings her hope and new desires.

I will strongly not advise to see this movie if someone is in an emotional chaos at the moment. Wait till the cloud clears up and you have someone special in your life or a hope to have someone in your life.